How To Market On LinkedIn

You get access to over 660 million professional users if you market on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to promote your brand, grow your following, build your network and boost your sales by generating leads and improving conversions and much more. In short, used to its fullest potential, LinkedIn helps you grow your brand awareness and promote your business with no money down.

Keep Your Profile Smart and Up-to-Date

People like to do business with other people and not just businesses. So try and achieve 100% completeness of your profile and add a background photograph that prompts people to take action. You can take this opportunity to add a photograph related to your business. Keep your profile up to date by adding the latest acquired skills and achievements.

By making your profile complete, you get an ‘All Star’ tag by LinkedIn that helps you float to the top of search results.

Customize Your URL

You can customise your LinkedIn URL to make it nice and clean and make it easier to find in a search. You can either use either your name or business name in the URL if it is not in use.

Create a Company Profile Page

A smart company profile page will help you to advertise your brand, introduce your employees and post relevant content. You can post a link to your company webpage and generally make your customers and others feel more at home.

Optimise the Company Page

Define your audience and outline your goals. In the about us page clearly and succinctly outline your business. Include keywords and phrases that customers are likely to use when searching for your products or services.

Increase Your Company Following

Since your updates will appear in the follower’s feed include a “Follow” button. Invite connections and your employees to follow your Page posts. Use emails, blog posts and newsletters to promote your company page.

Publish Thought Leadership Content

Most LinkedIn members are pros. So, rather than directly promoting products and services, post engaging and insightful content about your industry. This will lead to a larger following and debates earning you a label of “expert.” People simply love doing business with experts.

Use Images, Videos and Presentations

Visual content is the best form of promoting a brand product or service. Post these on your Company Page. Videos of kudos and team moments to highlight your company’s achievements, documents and PowerPoint presentations serve to showcase how your brand is unique. 

Use Sponsored Content to Boost Your Reach

Attract more followers by using LinkedIn’s targeting to reach a bigger audience. You can also check the reach of your advertisement by using Conversion Tracker for checking the number of lead you are getting.

Create Ad Campaigns

LinkedIn’s campaign Manager lets you create self-service ads by promoting sponsored content, message ads and text ads. You can select a budget and goals to promote your products and services.

Use Advanced Analytics

You can gauge the performance of your LinkedIn Page performance and your published content using Advanced Analytics. Campaign manager helps you improve on your paid campaign.

How To Market On LinkedIn – The Conclusion

If you are running a business and have kept your LinkedIn profile on a back burner, get to it now. Having your profile up to date and regularly posting content will help you beat your competition when people are searching for professionals in your niche.

How To Market On LinkedIn
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