How to fail on Instagram

Friends, do you want to learn how to fail on Instagram? It’s simple! Just be like this guy.

Normally, an account like this would never even rate as a blip on the radar, because I see hundreds of them every day.

I noticed this one, because they tagged a clients account three times in the space of 15 minutes this afternoon.


They wanted to ‘get noticed’ so they could grow their account.

Tagging bigger and more successful accounts is a way of doing that.

But! You only do it if you have some kind of relationship with the account you’re tagging, or there is something like a product to tag (for example if you’re wearing Nike shoes, you may want to tag Nike).

What else did this chap do to cause himself to get blocked?

Let’s have a look at the bio for one.

‘Beginner’ and ‘Can I help you Achieve’- These don’t belong anywhere near the same sentence! Who wants to work with a beginner?? And achieve what??

Then there’s the link, linking to a Facebook page that has…

The same posts. Yay.

Then there’s the content.

17 posts, all with regurgitated ‘quote posts’ from the usual suspects that anyone with a phone and internet connection has seen posted 57239610 times before!

Just don’t.

Now, if our friend here is motivated and committed (to do what we don’t know, but let’s say it is to help people ‘Achieve’) what should he have done?

1) Post a bio that tells us who he is, where he’s based, and what he does. Who, where, what. Simple.

2) Link to a landing page that offers *something* such as a PDF, white paper, strategy session. Something of value.

3) Post inspiring content! I’m not against quote posts per se, but I think we’re all over reading the exact same quotes every day, they’ve lost their meaning. If you want to make an account of quote posts, make them of your own quotes, and inspire people!

Now because I’m not a complete asshole, I reached out to this guy via my personal account to offer to help him fix his account up – for free.

If your account looks like this just contact me and I’ll help you fix it for free too (without putting you on blast lol) because friends don’t let friends have crap Instagram accounts.

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