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GetResponse is a user-friendly email marketing platform- and is arguably one of the easiest to use when compared to other providers such as Infusionsoft. It allows you to set up important marketing lists of prospects, partners, and clients, to enable you to develop more fruitful relationships – in short, you get to build a responsive and profitable customer client base.


  • Pricing

This is arguably the most affordable email marketing service at virtually all pricing tiers. In addition, it also has a free 30-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card.

  • It has powerful auto-responders & automation rules 

It has the ability to set up auto responders in a nice view. This makes it easy to see the emails as they are exchanged over a given month.

  • A/B testing

It allows you to run A/B tests on subject lines and content. A/B testing is also allowed on delivery times, and list segments. In as much as most email marketing tools enable A/B testing as well, most only allow you to segment the content and subject line.

  • Responsive email design & inbox previews 

GetResponse is an important tool in making mobile newsletter templates, and allowing you to preview your message across multiple mobile devices and email clients.

  • Great reporting interface

GetResponse makes it easy to do side-by-side comparisons of campaigns, at the same time letting you split your campaigns to clearly see which portions of your campaign lags behind.

  • Time travel

This feature allows you to set a specific time that you would like your campaign to arrive in the subscribers’ inbox, irrespective of their time zone. For instance, if you set your campaign to reach subscriber at 9am, it will be sent to your subscribers in London and Tokyo at 9am their time. It also allows you to pick the best time to deliver the email for specific users, based on when they usually open emails.


  • Clunky Email builder

The biggest downside of GetResponse is probably the clunkiness of the drag and drop email builder. There may be no specific issue, but the interface is generally unintuitive. Also, there’s currently no option to embed videos from YouTube, which is annoying.

  • Limited automation

In as much as GetResponse’s automation features could be very powerful for the price, they are a little bit limited functionality- wise. Besides, their automation rules allow you to only automate inclusion or removal of a subscriber from a given list.

Best Use

Get Response is best for use by the following

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Mid-Size Business
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Start-up businesses


After trying this email marketing service you will see that GetResponse is by far one of the best CRM’s for the price. It gets the work done. Simple! Besides the fact that it has a few features that may not be as fine-tuned as you would expect, it is still a valuable way of building your database without a huge price tag.

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