3 Blockbuster Strategies For Increasing Facebook Engagement

If you are looking at ways of increasing Facebook engagement, you have just clicked on the right link.

You may wonder why it is that some pages seem to always have very high engagement while others hardly have any yet they post equally good content.

In this article I will show you three killer ideas to employ for massive results.

First of all you should know what exactly makes some Facebook fan pages as successful as they are; with constant high engagement rates, unlike other pages that receive no attention.

It is not going to be a walk in the park, it will require some patience, and you will need to invest your own time, or you could also consider recruiting a team to assist you if you are going to be occupied with other tasks.

Always have some background knowledge before you even start on the engagement process;

  • Have a solid content strategy- think clearly of what you’re going to post on your page
  • Have a promotion strategy- know how you will continually increase your fan base
  • A working engagement strategy- this includes how you will respond to fans/ followers
  • Have a good conversion strategy- this is how you are going to turn your fans into potential customers

Moving on, here are the 3 blockbuster ideas I highly recommend for you;

1.    Post Highly Shareable Content

You are probably already familiar with the term “Facebook candy�?- this refers to the kind of content that Facebook users are mostly attracted to and will not hesitate to immediately want to share with all of their friends.

Mostly, they are in the form of eye- catching images with some quotes/ interesting statements, which are likely to receive more news feed visibility.

Whatever you are planning to post must be something that you would also like to share with your friends if you happen to bump into a similar one.

2. Seek audience opinions and insights

Posing some questions is a superb tactic to spark dialogue with/ amongst fans and followers. This could be one of the least energy consuming methods and also one of the very best to have people quickly responding to your posts.

They could be open-ended question or a Yes/ No question. At the end, it may be wise to include a call to action (Like) at the end of the post.

3. Arrange for Facebook Contest

Facebook Contest is another splendid way to boost your Facebook page engagement. Not only does this method reward your loyal fans, but also create certain excitement and spark users to visit your Facebook page more often to check if they have won/ for any new contests.

You should always be flexible to structure different types of contest can be to target the engagement that you anticipate receiving from your audience.

Something like ‘like to win’ contest would surely get you some likes, but not as many comments as the more involving contests that normally would require you to go an extra mile and drop a tagline somewhere in the comment box.

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