What We Do

Content Management

From proof reading your blog posts through to writing every word for you, in your own voice, we will deliver content that hits your target market right in the feels. Boom.

Proof Reading and Editing

Without proper proof reading and editing, your blog will most likely be waffly, have loads of spelling errors, and be grammatically incorrect. There’s a key difference between ‘let’s eat Grandma’ and ‘let’s eat, Grandma’. Grammar saves lives!

Email Newsletters

Building a database is one thing, and it’s vitally important for building your business. Nurturing your database is a whole other ballgame. Believe it or not, these are real people, and they probably don’t want you bombarding them with ‘buy my thing!’ emails. We will help you nurture your relationships by giving your subscribers a lot of love. But not in a weird way.

Coaching & Consulting

When you run your own business you often can’t see a way through the problems, because you’re stuck in them. You can either rely on your friends or your mum to keep saying ‘you’re doing so well, keep it up!’ or you can have someone outside of your bubble holding you to a higher standard and pushing you through to the next level of growth.